This tour offers Game of Thrones fans an opportunity to visit Westeros, and the Iron islands, walk around King Renly Barethon’s camp and walk down the King’s road. Visitors can explore many iconic filming locations throughout the North Coast and visit the site of many famous scenes, while also learning about the mythical and magical local history and folklore of the North Coast. Photo opportunities, iconic sights and extra filming insights abound on this must see tour for any discerning Game of Thrones fan.


Dark Hedges

The iconic Dark Hedges will be familiar to Game of Thrones fans as the King’s Road. This is a must see destination on any Game of Thrones tour.

The beautiful avenue of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the 18th Century. It was intended as an impressive entrance for visitors to their Georgian mansion, Gracehill.

Today, visitors flock to the area to retrace Ayra Stark’s journey on the King’s Road. It is featured in Episode one, Season 2, of The North Remembers, where Ayra, Yoren, Hot Pie and Gendry are in a cart off to join the Night’s Watch. The road, which is now pedestrianised only, is one of the most photographed phenomena in Northern Ireland today, and is a great photo opportunity for all fans and non-fans alike.


Castle Ward

Home to the Ward family since the 16th century, Castle Ward overlooks Strangford Lough. The 18th Century mansion and farmyard was used in season one as the iconic Winterfell and home to the Starks. The historic farmyard will be instantly recognisable to GOT fans as the location of Winterfell. It is also where the Whispering Wood scenes were filmed and key scenes of Robb Stark’s camp and the Baelor battle where Brienne of Tarth confronts Stark’s men. Visitors to Winterfell or Castle Ward today can dress up in Stark attire and indulge in some archery within the walls.



The small harbour village of Carnlough is located at the foothills of one of the nine Glens of Antrim. This quaint village of Carnlough was featured in season six, episode seven (The Broken Man). It is here, on Carnlough harbour, that Ayra Stark was repeatedly stabbed by the Waif in Braavos and the location of the canal, where she jumps into the freezing waters below. You can walk the harbour steps where Ayra crawled up to escape into the streets of Braavos.



This stunning coastal location with its many rocky outcrops and caves is in a quaint location, however Cushedun was also the birth place to one of the famous scenes which took many committed fans by surprise. It is here you can visit the Cushendun Cave where Melisandre gave birth to the shadow creature. The caves are accessible by a short walk on the beach.

A visit to the Mary McBride’s pub nearby will warm your bones while you feast your eyes on scenes of Braavos and get your picture taken by one of the doors on which  the iconic ‘Free City of Essos’ is carved.


Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay, Ballycastle, lies between Fairhead and Torr Head and offers spectacular views. In the Seven Kingdoms it is better known as Slavers bay. It is here that Tyrion and Ser Jonah are captured and taken as slaves in a ship. It is from these Atlantic waters also that Ser Davos was rescued from the Battle of the Blackwater. The steep pathway from the bay, marked by gnarled and wind-tattered trees is also the location of that “awkward scene” where Yara and Theon rode horseback together on his return to the Iron islands.


Dunluce Castle

The medieval castle of Dunluce lends itself to the many magical backdrops in Game of Thrones. Perched on a cliff edge, this iconic medieval castle ruin has a torrid and gory history which matches the fantasy epic series. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how it is recreated in the Game of Thrones and Greyjoy’s castle.


Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy harbour nestles at the base of small winding cliff road and one of the most picturesque locations on tour. The quaint harbour, which boasts a small coffee and craft shop, is surrounded by rocks and crags which form the dramatic backdrop in the series as the Pyke and Iron islands. It was here, Theon Greyjoy sailed into to seek an alliance with Rob Stark and the Greyjoy’s in season two.

Nearby Ballintoy beach was used for the funeral scene of Balon Greyjoy in season six.


Carrick-a-rede rope bridge

Carrick-a-rede rope bridge is an iconic tourism destination in itself. The rope bridge which spans a 30 metre gap from the mainland to a rocky outcrop, was first erected by salmon fishermen over 200 years ago. Maintained by the National Trust today, the walk to the bridge and traversing the rope bridge to the island offers a great thrill to many visitors, who have the opportunity to spot dolphins and basking shark in the clear waters below. It is located just past the Larrybane quarry.



This limestone quarry, located beside Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, was the set location for Renly Barethon’s camp. It is also where Brienne of Tarth defeated Ser Loras of the Flowers and where Catelyn Stark comes to negotiate with King Renly. A lot has taken place and been filmed in this unusual location, where even Euron, Theon and Yara made fleeting appearances.


Tollymore Forest

Tollymore Forest was established as the first state forest park in Northern Ireland back in 1955. It covers 16,000 acres and appeared in the first season of Game of Thrones as the lands surrounding Winterfell. Visitors to Tollymore can also visit the exact location where Ned Stark discovered the Direwolves, one for each of the Stark children.


Portstewart Strand

One of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Northern Ireland, this area is managed by the Northern Trust. It has views of the Donegal headlands and visitors can also view the famous Mussenden Temple perched on the cliffs above.

It is also the coast of Dorne, used in season five when Jamie Lannister was sent to Dorne to bring back their daughter Myrcella to King’s Landing.


Binevenagh Mountains

The Binevenagh mountains extend for six miles across the skyline of Magilligan and can be seen all along the coast. The impressive cliffs appeared as the Dothraki grasslands in season five. Daenerys Targaryen was rescued by her dragon, Drogon while fleeing the Sons of Harpy and the fighting pits of Meereen.