A drop of the hard stuff and a tour of one of Ireland’s most iconic whiskey distilleries is a must when visiting Dublin.

A tour of the 200-year-old distillery in the heart of Dublin is a wonderful lesson in whiskey making, history and heritage.

Jameson whiskey distillery opened in the heart of Dublin in 1780. John Jameson, a former manager, who bought the distillery in 1780, opened the doors to the public and invited friends old and new through the doors.

Today, a trip through the famous doors at Bow street, will take visitors on a trip through the original site. By 1886, Jameson had grown the distillery to five acres and it was described at the time as a ‘city within a city’ as hundreds of tradesmen, coopers, saw mills, carpenters, engineers and smithys worked within the walls.

The water was drawn from two huge underground wells and two huge 24,000 gallon stills worked above.

No tour is complete without the opportunity to sample some of the finest Irish Whiskey, which is available neat or with ginger ale and lime. There’s also the four taste test volunteers who will give first hand opinions on the age old debate of Irish versus Scotch with a little Bourbon thrown into the mix.

A must for any whiskey drinkers, it’s a fun, friendly tour offering a great insight into the triple distilling processes and changes to the Irish whiskey industry.