Venture deep underground with a trip to the wild and wonderful Aillwee Caves. At over 12,000 years old, it is one of the oldest caves in Ireland. The caves, buried deep in the heart of The Burren in County Clare, offer a close-up tour of the geological wonders underfoot.

The guided tour will take visitors past the torrents of an underground waterfall where you must be careful not to get wet. There are strange rock and frozen waterfall formations and a bear pit, where you can view the bones of a brown bear which is now extinct. There is a myriad of caverns and caves underground.

Once above ground, you should seize the opportunity to walk across The Burren’s terraced mountainside which will give visitors a spectacular view of Galway bay. Soak in the scenery relaxing on the terrace with a glass of wine or pot of tea or venture over to the dairy and sample the homemade cheese and fudge or try out the jams and chutneys. There is also a Birds of Prey show on site, with an excellent display from the falconers.

With a little food and fun for everyone, a day out at the Aillwee caves won’t disappoint.