Take a trip back in time and experience, at first-hand, life in Ireland and the story of emigration through three centuries. Walk through the thatched cottages of Ireland, set sail on an emigrant ship of the 19th century and cross the Atlantic to a world of American log cabins.

The Ulster American Folk park, is an outdoor museum packed with things to do and see, which is suitable for all the family. It is a wonderful opportunity to walk in the footsteps of emigrants from Ireland and experience life from hundreds of years ago. A living museum, the Ulster American Folk Park takes visitors on a tour from the very first thatched cottages of Ireland, with  guides in traditional costume and dress who are on hand to impart their knowledge and maybe even share a little of their traditional soda or potato bread.

There are displays of traditional crafts of weaving and a blacksmith in his forge to show you how it was done in times of old.

Sit in an old-time school with chalk and slate or take a pew in church – the Ulster American Folk Park allows people to try out the furniture and the food.

It is home to the Mellon homestead, Campbell and Hughes House, real streets and Pennsylvanian log cabins. On Ulster Street you can wander into a sweet shop and ask for a quarter of sweets!

The Folk park also houses the Mellon Centre for Migration studies, which collects materials relating to Irish people worldwide and an important centre for anyone wishing to trace their roots.

An interesting and fun day out for all the family.